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Schmoozing with Avi featuring Jana Mazurkiewicz

Join us for Shmoozing with Avi featuring Jana Mazurkiewicz Meisarosh, founder of the Yiddish Arts and Academics Association of North America (YAAANA)

An interaktiv geshprekh mit a yidish teater shtern, Mike Burstyn

Mike Burstyn shtamt fun a teatralisher mishpokhe un iz barimt un balibt vi an aktyor un rezhisor af di yidishe, hebreishe, un amerikanishe bines. Er hot geshpilt af Broadway, letstns in azelkhe pyeses vi “Barnum, “The Rothschilds,” "Jolson the Musical,” “Lansky,” un ”The Tale Of The Allergist’s Wife”. Er shpilt in a nayem yisroeldikn serial “Judah” un hot rezhisirt di englishe versye funemserial "Fauda". Er hot bakumen tsendliker prayzn far zayn kinstlerishe verk. Lomir lernen mer vegn zayn yikhes un zayn arbet in teater un film. Ir kent zikh dervisn mer vegn Miken fun zayn vebzaytl: www.mikeburstyn.com

Arts and Crafts and yidish shprakh - A new Yiddish Class for Kids

Lomir lernen mit ale hushim - let's learn Yiddish with all the senses! In our new unique Yiddish class for children we sing, dance, and make crafts associated with the topic of the class. Get your pencil/crayons, paper, and playdough ready!

Intergenerational Fun with Yiddish

In this new class series, Yiddish teacher and native speaker Naomi Miller will teach Yiddish conversational skills through songs, storytelling, word games, and skits. All lessons are interactive and fun. The program will be adjusted to the age of the participants, so don’t hesitate to sign up! All children, parents, and grandparents are welcome.

Yiddish for Clever Kids!

Yidish far kluge kinder is a half-hour of Yiddish educational entertainment for children who do not yet speak Yiddish or who speak a bisele! This is an easy-going introduction to Yiddish through song, rhyme, and beginner vocabulary. No homework, no stress, all fun!

"Make me a King" - a Yiddish Drag King Pepi Littman

Join us for a conversation with our friends at @Unleyek who have discovered Pepi Littman, a famous Yiddish songstress. They're using her Yiddish folk music throughout the award-winning short film "Make Me A King"!

YAAANA's Highlight of the Year - A Zoom Play with Broadway Stars

As part of our annual fundraiser and YAAANA's fourth anniversary celebrations, we are excited to announce the performance of a new Zoom play Korone un der nayer normal (Corona and the New 'Normal'), inspired by Leah K. Hoffman’s 1930 "Kraft" ("Power"). The play was adapted collaboratively last summer. See Yiddish STARS in action- Avi Hoffman starring as Corona, Suzanne Toren as the Internet, Sam Guncler as The Essential Worker, Bertolt Karsten Troyke as Twitter, Mikhl Yashinsky as Facebook, Lea Kalisch as Instagram, Moishele Mario Alfonso as Madame Netflix, and Lea Rozenfeld as Baby Tiktok. The performance will be followed by a premiere of the 3D animation of the Yiddishland California project by Kendal Eastwood, featuring a brand new song by Psoy Korolenko. Don’t miss YAAANA’s most important event of the year!

Yiddishland Online Founders' Committee Meeting

The team at the Yiddish Arts and Academics Association of North America cordially invites you to our first virtual meeting exploring the concept of our future physical home - Yiddishland California. Yiddishland will be a cultural center and living museum, which, by promoting the Yiddish language and culture will provide visitors with a truly immersive yiddishkeit experience. If you would like to learn more about this fascinating project, this is the perfect opportunity to do so!