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Don’t miss the opportunity to get a special YAAANA membership tailored just for you.

The groyser makher/makherke membership will get you 20% off on classes + free access to all events, including YAAANA anniversary galas, lectures on Yiddish and klezmer music,  special theater experiences and interviews with Yiddish celebrities for a year.

Not sure if you want to commit to our groyser makher/makherke membership just yet? Try a balebos/baleboste membership, which will give you 10% off on all our classes + free access to all events for half a year, or an entuzyast/entuzyastke membership, that gives you 15% off on all our classes for a month.

In case you are interested in our cultural events you can try a shtittzer/shtitzerke membership, which will grant you free access to all of our events for a year. 

To keep in mind:

The YAAANA intensive programs and media sponsored events are not included in any of these memberships.

All memberships will become valid until July the 1st, 2021.

Special offer: 

$500 for a groyser makher/makherke, $360 for balebos/baleboste, $180 for shtitzer/shtitzerke or $50 for entuziast/entuziastke.


Feel free to choose your preferred membership level below:

"groyser makher/makherke"