ON SALE NOW: “Wooden Wars” DVD

We are happy to announce that, after being screened in Ann Arbor, MI, New York City, Boston, and San Diego, “Wooden Wars” is finally available for purchase as a DVD. The cost is $20 plus shipping and handling. Order your copy:

Watch “Wooden Wars” online for $10. Click here for the link.

Past Screenings of “Wooden Wars” [PDF]


Wooden Wars has been recorded on video and has been screened in the following institutions:

2019:  In Royter’s Kitchen, 9265 Activity Rd # 105, San Diego, California

2018: Yiddish New York, New York, NY

2018: Boston Workmen’s Circle Center for Jewish Culture and Social Justice, Brookline, MA

2015: Center for Word Performance Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

2016: Humanities Education and Research Association (HERA) Conference, San Diego, CA

2017: Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, University of Toronto, Canada

2017: Yiddish Arts and Academics Association of North America (YAAANA), San Diego, CA