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Make checks out to YAAANA and send them to YAAANA 7345 Fay Ave. La Jolla, CA 92037. Indicate in the memo which projects you would like to support.

Dear friends,

As you may know, YAAANA is working towards establishing an immersive, multigenerational, shtetl-inspired community in San Diego County, CA. Available to Yiddish and non-Yiddish speakers alike, Yiddishland will incorporate guest rooms for local and international visitors, as well as a living museum for the study and teaching of the history of shtetlekh (small Jewish towns in Eastern Europe). Year-round, we will serve as a center for reviving the cultural heritage of Yiddish speaking California in innovative ways by offering daily Yiddish language and culture classes and events. We will also organize weekly shabes dinners and Yiddish exercise sessions, and welcome multigenerational students to our in-person and online intensive winter, spring and summer programming.

We welcome donations of any amount. We are also currently looking for people who would like to join our Yiddishland Founders' Committee. Donation Tiers for the members of the Yiddishland Founders Committee are the following:

  • $140 or more - a free shtitzer/shtitzerke membership, which grants free access to all events for a year (Yiddish classes excluded).
  • $300 or more -  For the first 20 people – a free balebos/baleboste membership - access to all YAAANA events for half a year and 15% off all classes
  • $2,000 - your name featured on a donors' plaque and yearly free access to YAAANA special online and in-person events (Yiddish classes excluded).
  • $50,000 - we will create an exhibit featuring your heritage shtetl and family history in our future museum.
  • $100,000 or more - you can name a summer program, winter program, spring program, theater academy, or scholarship to honor your loved one's memory or the name of the shtetl your family comes from.
  • $200,00 or more -you can name a museum located in our future physical space to honor your loved one's memory or the name of the shtetl your family comes from.


A groysn dank! (Many thanks!)

The YAAANA team